10 Exciting Things to Do in Seattle

Seattle, the Emerald City, is a vibrant metropolis that offers a myriad of exciting activities and attractions for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a foodie, an art aficionado, or an adventure seeker, Seattle has something for everyone. In this article, we’ll explore ten thrilling things to do in this beautiful city.

Exploring the Iconic Space Needle

Our first stop on this exciting journey is the iconic Space Needle. Standing tall at 605 feet, this architectural marvel offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and its surrounding natural beauty. Ascend to the top and be mesmerized by Seattle’s skyline, tranquil waters, and majestic mountains.

The Space Needle, a symbol of Seattle, has been a prominent feature of the city’s skyline since its construction for the 1962 World’s Fair. Its futuristic design, inspired by the concept of a flying saucer, continues to captivate visitors from around the world. As you make your way to the top, you’ll notice the sleek elevator gliding effortlessly, providing a smooth and comfortable ascent.

Once you reach the observation deck, the true beauty of Seattle unfolds before your eyes. The city’s unique blend of modern architecture and natural landscapes creates a stunning visual spectacle. On a clear day, you can see for miles, taking in the vibrant cityscape, the lush greenery of nearby parks, and the snow-capped peaks of the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.

The SkyCity Restaurant Experience

No visit to the Space Needle is complete without indulging yourself in the SkyCity Restaurant experience. Located at the top of the Needle, this world-class dining destination offers delectable cuisine paired with stunning 360-degree views. Savor the flavors of the Pacific Northwest while immersing yourself in the breathtaking scenery.

As you step into the SkyCity Restaurant, you are greeted by an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide an uninterrupted view of the city below, creating a unique dining experience. The menu features a fusion of local and international flavors, showcasing the best of Seattle’s culinary scene. From fresh seafood caught in the nearby waters to locally sourced ingredients, each dish is a masterpiece crafted with precision and creativity.

While enjoying your meal, take a moment to appreciate the ever-changing landscape. As the sun sets, the city transforms into a sea of twinkling lights, casting a magical glow over the surrounding area. The SkyCity Restaurant truly offers a dining experience like no other, combining exquisite cuisine with breathtaking views that will leave a lasting impression.

The Observation Deck and its Views

If dining at SkyCity is not your fancy, the Observation Deck is the perfect place to admire the beauty of Seattle. Gaze upon the sprawling cityscape, catch a glimpse of Mount Rainier, and watch as ferries glide gently across the glittering waters of Puget Sound. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture these unforgettable moments.

From the Observation Deck, you can truly appreciate the scale and diversity of Seattle’s landscape. The city’s vibrant neighborhoods stretch out in every direction, each with its own unique charm and character. The iconic Pike Place Market, with its bustling atmosphere and fresh produce, stands out as a testament to Seattle’s rich cultural heritage.

As you turn your gaze towards the horizon, the majestic Mount Rainier dominates the skyline. Its snow-capped peak serves as a constant reminder of the natural wonders that surround the city. On a clear day, the mountain appears so close that you can almost reach out and touch it, creating a sense of awe and wonder.

While you soak in the breathtaking views, you may also spot the ferries gracefully gliding across the shimmering waters of Puget Sound. These vessels, an integral part of Seattle’s transportation system, connect the city to the nearby islands and offer a unique perspective of the surrounding area. Witnessing the dance of the ferries against the backdrop of the city’s skyline is a sight that will stay with you long after your visit.

Discovering Pike Place Market

Venture into the heart of Seattle’s culinary scene with a visit to Pike Place Market. This historic landmark is brimming with stalls offering fresh produce, artisanal crafts, and mouthwatering delicacies. As you explore the bustling market, be sure to interact with the lively fishmongers, who are famous for their entertaining fish-throwing routines.

The Magic of the Fish Market

At Pike Place Market, treat yourself to the unique experience of witnessing the fish market’s captivating hustle and bustle. Watch in awe as the fishmongers effortlessly toss fresh salmon and other seafood to one another, creating an exhilarating spectacle that showcases their incredible skills. It’s a sensory feast that will leave you amazed and entertained.

Unique Souvenirs and Crafts

Pike Place Market is also a treasure trove of unique souvenirs and crafts. Browse through the quirky shops and stalls to find one-of-a-kind items that capture the spirit of Seattle. From handmade jewelry and ceramics to local artwork and vintage treasures, you’re sure to find something special to take home as a memento of your visit.

The Vibrant Seattle Art Museum

For art lovers, a trip to the Seattle Art Museum is a must. This world-class institution showcases an extraordinary collection of contemporary and traditional art from around the globe. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking exhibitions that push boundaries and challenge conventions.

Current Exhibitions

With rotating exhibitions throughout the year, the Seattle Art Museum always has something new to offer. From groundbreaking installations to thought-provoking sculptures, each exhibition transports visitors to new artistic realms. Be prepared to be captivated and inspired by the incredible talent on display.

Permanent Collections

The Seattle Art Museum also houses an impressive permanent collection, featuring works from renowned artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Warhol. Take a leisurely stroll through the gallery and immerse yourself in the beauty and creativity that emanates from these timeless masterpieces.

The Thrill of the Seattle Great Wheel

If you’re seeking an adrenaline rush and a unique perspective of the city, look no further than the Seattle Great Wheel. This towering Ferris wheel offers a thrilling ride that takes you high above the city streets. Marvel at the breathtaking views of the waterfront, downtown skyline, and Elliott Bay as you gently spin through the air.

The Ride Experience

As you step into the comfortable cabins of the Seattle Great Wheel, prepare to be amazed. Each cabin offers spacious seating, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible vistas unfolding before your eyes. The gentle rocking motion and the mesmerizing sights combine to create an unforgettable ride experience.

Nighttime Views from the Wheel

For a truly magical experience, take a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel at night. As the city lights up, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking display of shimmering beauty. Admire the glittering cityscape, the illuminated ships in the bay, and the night sky ablaze with stars.

The Underground Tour: A Journey Through History

Uncover the hidden history of Seattle with a visit to the Underground Tour, a fascinating journey through the city’s subterranean past. Led by knowledgeable guides, you’ll explore the original street level of Pioneer Square, which was raised in the late 1800s due to frequent flooding.

The Story of Seattle’s Underground

As you descend beneath the streets, step back in time and learn about the challenges faced by Seattle’s early settlers. Marvel at the preserved storefronts and artifacts, and listen as your guide shares captivating tales of the city’s rough-and-tumble past. It’s an immersive experience that will transport you to a bygone era.

What to Expect on the Tour

The Underground Tour is not for the faint of heart. As you navigate the maze-like tunnels, be prepared for low ceilings, uneven surfaces, and dim lighting. But don’t let that deter you! Embrace the adventure and relish the opportunity to delve into the hidden depths of Seattle’s history.

Seattle is a city that never ceases to amaze. With its iconic attractions, vibrant art scene, and rich history, there’s always something new to discover. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the Emerald City!